Week 41: Quarantine in San Francisco

During quarantine in San Francisco, taking a breath of air in front of the airport hotel.

San Francisco, Friday, 9 October 2020

I've been here isolating at the hotel at San Francicso airport for 14 days now. Three days ago, the other IceCube winter-overs also arrived. Luckily, the mandatory covid test was negative for everyone involved. Tomorrow evening, we will take an Air-NewZealand plane to Christchurch which is a 13.5 hour flight. So far, I still have a chance of a business seat - there will be a lottery for the remaining 10 places. Let's see. In CHC we will be brought directly from the airport to the isolation hotel where we will then be in quarantine by the New Zealand government for 14 days.

left: Munich Airport, 22 September 2020: A look at the plane that will take me overseas. right: Aproach to San Francisco on 23 September 2020. (all photos by Martin Wolf)