Funding period II (2021 - 2024): Completed doctoral theses

N01 - Neutrino mass and nature: neutrinoless double beta decay - towards LEGEND-1000

Comellato, Tommaso
PhD thesis, TUM (2022)
Bossio, Elisabetta
PhD thesis, TUM (2022)

N03 - Confronting neutrino mass models with cosmology and terrestrial experiments

N04 - Determination of neutrino mass with KATRIN

D01 - Dark matter direct detection: deciphering signals at ultra-low energy

D02 - Challenging dark matter models at colliders

D03 - Dark matter indirect detection: phenomenology and searches with IceCueb

Herrera Moreno, Gonzalo
Phd thesis, TUM (2023)

D04 - Quantum effects in dark matter processes

Taule, Petter
PhD thesis, TUM (2022)

D07 - Antinuclei from dark matter?

M01 - Multi-messenger searches for high energy neutrino counterparts

M07 - Stellar matter: hyperons and axions in neutron stars

Springmann, Konstantin F.
PhD Thesis, TUM (2023)

M08 - New direction in multi-messenger astronomy: IceCube-Gen2 and the Pacific Ocean Neutrino Experiment