Funding period I (2017 - 2021): Completed doctoral theses

N01 - Neutrinoless double beta decay: pathfinder towards a next generation experiment

Wiesinger, Christoph
PhD thesis, TUM (2020)

N02 - Neutrino mixing parameters and neutrino mass ordering: JUNO and PINGU

Meighen-Berger, Stephan
PhD thesis, TUM (2021)

N03 - Neutrino mass models

Herms, Johannes
PhD thesis, TUM (2020)

N04 - Sterile neutrinos with beta decays and short-baseline oscillation experiments

Altenmüller, Konrad
PhD thesis, TUM & Université Paris-Saclay (2019)
Neumair, Birgit
PhD Thesis, TUM (2021)

N05 - Neutrinos and proton decay: signal from grand unification

Parr, Erik
PhD thesis, TUM (2020)
Mütter, Andreas
PhD thesis, Tum (2020)

N06 - Sterile neutrinos and the matter-antimatter asymmetry of the universe

Ai, Wenyuan
PhD thesis, TUM (2019)

D01 - Dark matter direct detection: towards the neutrino floor for low-mass dark matter particles

D02 - Dark matter at colliders: fast, precise, exotic

Ruhdorfer, Maximilian
PhD thesis, TUM (2021)

D03 - Dark matter indirect detection: phenomenology and searches with IceCube

Rappelt, Andreas
PhD thesis, TUM (2019)

D04 - Quantum effects in dark matter processes

D05 - Axion dark matter: new experimental search, phenomenological motivation, and theoretical background

M01 - The case for high-energy cosmic neutrinos from extreme blazers: multi-messenger studies

M02 - Search for transient phenomena in coincidence with high-energy cosmic neutrinos: gamma ray bursts and flaring objects

Berlato, Francesco
PhD thesis, TUM (2020)

M03 - The Diffuse Supernova Neutrino Background: from modeling to detection in JUNO

M05 - Particle physics in supernovae: flavor evolution, lepton number violation, and sterile neutrinos

Bollig, Robert
PhD thesis, TUM (2018)

M06 - Stellar matter: supernovae as sources of r-process elements

M07 - Stellar matter: hyperon-nucleon interaction studies for neutron stars