Week 2: Excessive digging

This week the IceCube winter-overs did a lot of digging. They helped the Science Support team Sheryl and Danielle to dig out old ARIANNA field equipment. ARIANNA was a proof-of-concept experiment here at South Pole to detect very high energy neutrinos via radio waves when they interact in the ice. Because no equipment is allowed to stay in Antartica after its use, we had to dig it up and remove it again. Truely an excessive task.

From the IceCube side it was a relatively calm week. On Monday one of the Processing-and- Filtering (PnF) servers detected a CPU issue and rebooted itself causing the PnF system to crash. After moving those PnF components to another server, the PnF system was restarted. In order to determine if this CPU error is a serious issue, we started stress-testing this server.

This week the winter-overs completed the IceACT telescope maintenance that they started last week. The telescope got reassembled and put back on the roof of the IceCube-Lab. On Sunday we inserted the monthly new IceTop DOM calibration into the database for the future data taking runs. From the community point of view we had an emergency response drill on Friday where we were training for a possible medical emergency. Martin is part of the medical response team and is trained on performing lab testing. So he stayed in medical and exercised on doing labs. On Saturday we had the yearly carpenter party. It was held outside in the summmer camp. There was a BBQ and some carpenter-style outdoor games like ring and washer tossing. On Sunday the stuart coordinator Alyssa Whoaa gave an exciting talk about her thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail. Many people attended for this great talk about her 2653 miles hiking journey.